The Best Sugar Daddy Dating Site in 2019


It is important to explain the principle. A sugar daddy is no more than a middle-aged man in search of a good company. Often, they are girls and / or young women who wish to live new experiences by proposing and looking for sugar daddies.

This is common, especially on the sites of this comparison. For example, these young women can discover cruises, trips abroad, not to mention gifts that pile up.

In addition, the financial aspect does not matter to a sugar daddy. He knows very well that young women are interested, but he gets used to it. Moreover, this relationship is completely assumed by both sides. Everyone has their motives and everyone can find their accounts.

Moreover, it is not (always) inevitably prostitution: some young women find in their sugar daddy a mentor, a guide, a support. Well, then, if we went to this famous comparison site, Sugar Daddy Meeting?

Rich Meet Beautiful

In first place of this best Sugar Daddy dating website comparison, , we find the site Rich Meet Beautiful. Difficult to find a more equivocal name: it is a meeting site where opportunities are created. Rich men can meet beautiful young women.

The site claims to have a thousand women, which is particularly interesting for these gentlemen looking for a nice company. It should be noted, however, that Rich Meet Beautiful is also home to other types of profiles: the sugar mum and the toy boys they are looking for.

The different stages of registration on this site of meeting sugar daddy

To register on RichMeetBeautiful, you can log in via Facebook or enter your e-mail address. In the second case, you are in complete anonymity.

This has contributed a lot to RmB’s place in this comparison best sugar daddy dating site. Still about this discretion, members who have not uploaded a profile photo or validated their account will not be able to see the profile photos of other members.

However, there is some information that is requested during registration. You are asked if you are a man or a woman, if you are a sugar daddy, a sugar mama or a sugar baby.

As in other sites of this comparison best sugar daddy dating site, you will also need to fill in your e-mail address, your birthday, and then choose a nickname and password.

Finally, sugar babies are asked what level of living they want to access: minimal, convenient, moderate, substantial, high, or negotiable? As for sugar daddies and sugar mamas, it’s the same thing, but the opposite. You should know that the site indicates amounts ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 euros per month. Such transparency is unique to RmB in this comparison.

Once the e-mail is verified, the site invites you to give more details about you: your eyes, your hair, if you have piercings or tattoos, your best assets, etc. After this step, you finally reach your dashboard.
Simple features on a very complete site

When we arrive on the dashboard of RichMeetBeautiful, we easily realize why it is in this comparison best meeting site sugar daddy. Indeed, the interface is simple to use. In the left panel, there are different sections: searches, messages, gifts, favorites, winks received, etc.

In terms of research, you can customize at will. Thanks to geolocation, the site immediately detects your location. It’s up to you to determine the radius of the search field: you can only search for profiles within 1 kilometer of your home.

You can also expand your search to the whole country. In addition, you can also set the age of the person you want to meet.

Seeking Arrangement

The next site we find in this comparison best sugar daddy dating site is Seeking Arrangement. This is a site that comes from across the Atlantic, dedicated exclusively to sugar daddies and women who are looking for such a man to mentor them.

A fully assumed concept

False pretenses have no place on the Seeking Arrangement sugar daddy dating site. Here, all members are knowledgeable and willing. Men register to find beautiful women and enjoy their company. As for women, they come to Seeking Arrangement for pampering and pampering, to receive gifts.

They also come to find a mentor, or experienced men to guide them in life. This site is among the best in this comparison best meeting site sugar daddy because it does not impose anything on members. Everyone is free to fix the terms of relationships with others. The only watchword: honesty.

Meet people in three easy steps

In this comparison best sugar daddy dating site, Seeking Arrangement stands out for its very simple operation. Indeed, the process of meeting is done in three easy steps and very fast. You must first register to allow the site to assign you a profile. Entering the various information will take you 5 minutes at most. Then, it will be necessary to specify your aspirations and / or your conditions.

Finally, you can go looking for arrangements. By arrangement, the site hears opportunities to meet people whose affinities meet. With millions of members, Seeking Arrangement promises to find an arrangement in 5 days.

It may take less time if your profile is particularly attractive. Just for that, Seeking Arrangement deserves ample second place in this comparison best sugar daddy dating site.

Victoria Milan, for extramarital affairs

Let’s compare this best comparison site sugar daddy with the site Victoria Milan. In reality, it is a site specialized in extra-marital encounters. But since sugar daddies are usually married, there is a good chance they will fall on one of them on Victoria Milan.

Find a sugar daddy on Victoria Milan

Since its inception in 2010, Married & Attached Dating has enjoyed growing success. According to estimates dating from 2016, this site had 320,000 visitors per month. These are people located in France and all over Europe but also in other countries such as Brazil, Canada, the United States, Japan, South Africa and the Scandinavian countries.

His arrival on the sector of meetings between young women and men to success was also successful. The average age of male members on Victoria Milan is perfectly compatible with the concept love sugar.

Ergonomics particularly studied

In terms of features, the site Victoria Milan offers all that is more classic, similar to other sites in this comparison best datting site sugar daddy:

  • A search with multiple filters
  • An insert to see the visits received
  • An email service
  • Gift functions, wink, etc.

But what distinguishes him and what earned him this place in this comparison best meeting site sugar daddy is the ergonomics of its interface. The main features remain posted on a banner at the top of the site, allowing you to navigate at any time.

Sudy Sugar Daddy Dating app

As its name suggests, Sudy Sugar Daddy Dating app is a site that is aimed at women who want to meet men of exception. Lack of guts and those who have no personality, they seek men with special ambitions.

You better understand his presence in this comparison best meeting site sugar daddy?

Tracking successful men

On Sudy, men sign up for dating, but not just any. Just like in the reality show The Bachelor, they select their future companions. They will take them for a weekend abroad, for holidays at the end of the world or simply to accompany them during their business trips. In this comparison best sugar daddy dating site, Sudy appears as one of the best.

These sugar daddies in power are particularly coveted, whether for a relationship with no tomorrow or for life. Contrary to what one thinks, Sudy does not have as criterion first the money but rather the success.

A great painter without pennies will find as much success as a billionaire without personality. It is this disruptive character that pleases this site and that earned him this place in this comparison of the best sugar daddy site.

A smooth and efficient navigation

On the technical side, Sudy relied on simplicity and efficiency. To allow members easy and smooth navigation, the site has the most essential features.

In this comparative best sugar daddy dating site, it’s very important. For example, there is a messaging service, a chat service, a search tab and options such as wink or speedflirt.


Okcupid, still a leader

It is legitimate to wonder about the presence of Okcupid in this comparison best meeting site sugar daddy. Indeed, it is a site of general meeting and not a meeting site sugar daddy. And yet, we must know that Okcupid is present on almost all segments of the meeting.

Indeed, we can very well find a sugar daddy on Okcupid, as well as on other sites in this comparison. Conversely, a sugar daddy can very well find the companion he needs, meeting his criteria. Some women register on Okcupid to make unique encounters of their kind.

It can be a good match for a wedding. But it can also be simply an opportunity for these young ladies to live in luxury and comfort, the time of a weekend, vacation, or why not around the world.

We must still face the facts: Okcupid is not the best in this comparison best sugar daddy meeting site. However, the lucky ones will find great opportunities.